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my BBLog does not work for a longer time. In former times, it worked perfect!

I tried many different solutions already, but there was not one working. I tried everything between re-installing the AddOn, restarting System and crawling into the deeper Firefox-Folders to overwrite, delete and replace Files.

There was no solution is this Forum, which worked.

I am using Firefox on Win7 (32bit)

Thanks ;)
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Do you by any chance use HTTPS on Battlelog?
Also doesn't work on Chrome, Windows 64bit
Clearing cache, temp and cookies doesn't solve it. Nor does disabling BBLog, so guess problem is on server side.
asking again:
xXJumpyXx wrote:
Do you use HTTPS on Battlelog?
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No and it doesn't matter. Battlelog doesn't even support https.

Restart PC fixes problem,but if I enable BBLog it still has issues.
Can't join server, etc.
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eTheBlack wrote:
Battlelog doesn't even support https.
Battlelog supports HTTPS just fine, might not be certified. BBLog on the other hand does not.
I guess you mean the battlelog web plugin that you need to join server and so...
So, than you don't mean BBLog and you are wrong on this site.
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I don't use https for battlelog.
I used BBLog from first beta and it worked fine, except few bugs until today.
Disabling BBLog extension fixes problem, I can join server. Thus I already have web plugin. Is that so hard to understand or do I need to explain even more?

Anyway after "reinstalling" extension, now is everything back to normal. Guess bug was somewhere in settings of extension
Thanks for help...
Ok great. Most people that come to us and say "i can't join server" mean the web plugin instead of BBLog.
So, don't feel bothered by my answer - It was just a guess.
?? I am the author of this post and my problem is not fixed!!

If my problem had been, that I can't join a server, that I would have written it into my post! But my problem is, that BBlog does not work. And doesn't mean "Battlelog", if I write "BetterBattlelog", and I don't mean "sever-issues", if I write "BBlog does not run."

Okay, so is there anybody out there, who is able to help me?
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I did ask:
xXJumpyXx wrote:
Do you by any chance use HTTPS on Battlelog?
So far you haven't answered that. Using HTTPS makes BBLog turn off, for security reasons.
So if that's the case, don't use HTTPS. If not, we'll gladly help as much as we can :)

And sorry about the mix-up.
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Badge-Of-Pride wrote:
?? I am the author of this post and my problem is not fixed!!

Oops, that happen when mutliple people write multiple issues in one thread :)
No I don't. I am not that stupid ;)
Create new Firefox profile (Go to Execute, write
firefox -p
) and try to install bblog again. See if works.
If it works, with a new profile, than try to deacticate all extensions except BBLog.
Most of the time some ad-blocker / scriptblocker addon will break BBLog.
BrainFooLong? Thanks for trying to help me, but how I said: I already tried this standart-steps ;)
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Well, than let us try something special.
I've added you on battlelog, let us talk about in the chat.
Fixed. Problem was Firefox 13.0, too old for BBLog. Current version is 18.0.