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Hi guys! Today I had created my first plugin with commonplace name - Battlelog Some Improvements/Removes. I'm noob in Java, that's why you shouldn't see my plugin code :)

The idea belongs to the user I-Billy-Bonka-I, and I liked it immediately. If you have any ideas what else to remove - write here. In the meantime here's what the plugin can do at the moment:

1. Removes premium calendar tile in the main page
2. Removes Missions tile in the main page
3. Removes Recommended server tile in the main page
4. Removes Buttons "Play something" in the main page
5. Removes Suggestions tile in the main page
6. Removes right column below the main page tiles
7. Removes "Buy Hardline" tile in the main page
8. Fixed word wrap "commander" and so on any Platoon page in some languages
9. Button that's remove/show Com.center
10. Removes "BL Mobile App" Tile in ComCenter

In coming future:
1. Button that's combine Chat and Friends UI (maybe)
Thank you so much.
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Update 1.1 - Now you can hide the ComCenter for current session!
And now it available for all versions of BF!
Where is the link?
Thank you Sir
In 1.1.2 was hidden "cookie prefs" button
Update: Battlelog Mobile App button in ComCenter is now hidden