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Who is this Nate guy? And why should we do him? :/

Donate. Not Do-Nate. Stylish.

Could've gone the mob way... Don ate.
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do nating :-P
Its always funny how 6 letters could amuse some people :-)
I'm not judging, if you want to Do Nate, go ahead. I'll just keep to girls myself...
"National Association of Teachers of English"

Now they could probably use it?
Don't kill me but my slang english isn't very good.
Is "nate" any bad word, as it be used here?
If you need to laugh now, make it silent :-)
I think it's a name in English, or at least a shortening of a name.
Sounds fun though, Do Nate, lol.
No, it's just a guy's name. No need to worry. :)