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In my stats I can see how much service stars in vehicles I have. I can see too percentage progress to the next star.

I think it will be better when I'll be seeing also how much points I need to the next vehicle star.
You see it, just hover over the process bar under the star.
I think he meant it the way I fixed it in my local plugin-version of BBLog 1.9...

Have a look at the attached screenshot.

*Edit: I have overlayed 3 screenshots...the tooltip isn't always visible
Thats not a good idea
by the Weapons it will show also as total kills by the attachments.
f.e. 5 / 10 Kills, 41 / 50 Kills, 131 / 150 Kills and not 5 / 10 Kills, 1 / 10 Kills, 1 / 20 Kills.
ORFK wrote:
Thats not a good idea.

But showing "853030 / 875000" and 97 % also isn't the right way. Especially when you have a lot of service stars, you can forget the percentage-bar. It will allways be near the end.
I agree with ElectroLutz that showing the total vehicle points earned starts to look bad after you get a few stars for that vehicle. Even when you get your first star, it will show that you are 50% to the second star which is a little misleading.