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Its been a while since I have been here, but I like the new in browser text editor and new plugin flow :) (init, domchange, cache functions, least I don't remember them if they were there before lol). One of the things I did before when I first started up a project was to copy-paste from a file that I had that had pretty much nothing on it but what was needed to have a plugin running (handle, domchange, translations, etc). It would be nice to have a button to press that auto types all that for you. No comments or anything, just the skeleton code.

Also, as a side thing, some kind of API reference would be cool. Not sure how much has been added, or how much there would be to reference too, but would be cool.
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A little late but...

I think the "Quick Setup" is the example plugin.
The first starting point is always the example plugin - If you are an advanced plugin dev you will probably already have your own skeleton file :)

To provide an empty file with only basic code with no comments is only for extended devs - And extended devs simple can make their own skeleton file :)