12.000 Images - Platoon Image Upload - Big success - Better Battlelog Forums #87437

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Just a notice for all out there.
Since DICE has "fixed" the Image Upload in Battlelog and BBLog has re-integrated it (November 2012) with own technics we had registered over 12.000 different platoon images.

This is purely amazing but this also should give DICE something to consider about.

Why you use the Image Upload instead of the Battlelog Emblem Editor?
Please no flaming or bad words, just in simple words why. And what would needed to be changed that you use the Battlelog Emblem Editor. We can pass your suggestions to DICE for this case.
How do i upload the custom imgae so that the emblem will change?As said in the post?
pls read:
I think it's quite obvious:
You can have much more detail and Photoshop/Gimp is alot easier to use in my opinion.