Spanish? - Better Battlelog Forums #1465

I've recommended this addon to a lot of my friends, but they complained that its not in Spanish.

Could you add Spanish to the language list??

My Platoon from Argentina (42 members) want to use it, with little success.
There's a lot of players from Spain, mexico, chile, argentina, etc, that will like this..

Thanks in advance..
I could, if i have a translator for this. If you have trusty people for this job that speak good english and german please contact me. See "Contact" at navigation (email).
PS: Mistake, not english and german.
I need people that speak good english and spanish.
Hi there, could you guys work on the spanish language version, i use it english but a lot of friend of mine and people from latin america use the Battlelog in spanish, so i guess it would be awesome to give they a chance to use it.

As i said, i need a translator :-)
Working on it, greetz.