Pre-selection of a server - Better Battlelog Forums #1932

Hello :)

I was thinking about a feature that could be nice. Imagine you want to play on your favourite server 1500 tickets, but you see that there is only 300-400 tickets to a team. So, you plan to wait the next round. My idea was to create a sort of timer or an auto-connect which will advise us that the actual round is finished and that you can now join for the next round.

So, you won't miss the start of the next round...

I hope you understand.
Maybe it is a bad idea, maybe not. I just wanted to share it to you while I thought to it.
I love the idea, but you might have more luck asking for this feature in Battlelog+ ( as it's more in line with the features of their extended scoreboard.
The Idea sounds cool but the scripting for this things is very complicated.
the full serverbrowser from dice cant be analysed or modified so easily.

Battlelog+ is not an nice Addon, you HAVE to register you in their Forum, thats the Reason, why the Battlelog+ Thread in the German Forum was closed. EA Moderators and DICE Member doesn't like Addons where you can link a used Addon to a registred Member on an external Board or if you have to regist yourself on an external Side to can use the Addon.
Too much complicated to integrate. Rejected.
ORFK wrote:
Battlelog+ is not an nice Addon, you HAVE to register you in their Forum

You don't really HAVE to register for battlelog+ you only need to if you want to leave server comments/vote on comments, everything else doesn't require a account

This is to keep people from abusing this feature
Ok, never mind. That was just a "good optional feature", but not very necessary.