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A interview with BrainFooLong - Better Battlelog developer and founder

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Tell us a little about you?

I’m just another Web/Game Developer that try to make some stunning new things for the community out there. I always try to make things better than others, i always try to make things that no other does. Always try to extend your mind.

How did you start in the gaming world? What is your earliest memory?

NES – Super Mario Bros – Epic game until today

What´s your setup?

PC only – My last console was N64 and i’ve never had a playstation.

You play in a group or clan?

No. I’m no hardcore player. About 2-4h a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

BF4 was released incomplete or just below the expected. This attitude itself did not bring down sales. This is an industry problem or the gaming community?

Press out every possible amount of money from most of possible people. That’s how the leading industry think, that’s how the leading industry work. Play and support Indie Devs (No not Minecraft, it’s not Indie anymore). Those games are sometimes far better than the so called “AAA” titles, for much less cost.

About Battlelog

Why Bblog? What is the purpose of BBLog? And DICE / EA have already said something about BBLog?

I’ve made the addon at first for myself, at Dec 2011. Battlelog was very retarded of it’s functions and i hated that. So i created the addon and posted it for fun in the battlelogs forums. What happened? The community liked it a lot and i started to made it public.
What is your relationship with the site bf* and
In general, i just display information from that sites. That’s all about our relationship. Everybody have it’s own part in the fan-made section of the battlefield series.


No relationship. No contract. No special agreement. I talked with DICE/EA employees. They know, use and like BBLog. That’s all.

Battlelog is a social network but only incorporated “Sharing With Facebook” into your network. BBLog has intentions of turning Battlelog into a more social tool adding more features?

No. BBLog was never designed to add more sharing stuff or any other social things. BBLog help you in the first line for your personal use. To be honest, who the hell want that social stuff everywhere? It’s a game.

Some technical obstacle to develop the Bblog?

Not really. Just learn JavaScript, CSS and HTML. That’s all you need. But it sounds more easy than it is.

Ideas. Something went wrong and had to be abandoned?

Several features wasn’t that good to stay longer in the addon than a few months. It’s a trial and error process.

IE will never be supported?

IE, are you serious?

After 3 years are +4 millions downloads. You expect?

I didn’t expected anything as i first posted that addon in the battlelog forums. I try to expect nothing in my life, than you be lucky for everything good that happend. To be honest, Downloads means real downloads and also update downloads.

Future..more plans, more tools?

Sure. Many, but not Battlefield related. As i said: Always try to extend your mind.

About music.

What is your relationship with music?

Everybody like music in general. There millions of variations that we all understand under “music”.

Why “Digital Musician”?

Pretty simple. I’m not a DJ, never was, not really want to be. I’ve no analog equipment for sound production. No analog synths, no analog instruments. Therefore i’m a “Digitial” Musician.

What you expect with your music?

I only made the music for me. I don’t really like most of the music that exist or from that i know the existence of. Previously i called myself “DJ Brainnrg” and i’ve made 100+ tracks since i started producing.

Thanks for interview!
Something more?

As Steve Jobs said: “Stay hungry, stay foolish!”
It was a pleasure.
Interesting read. :)