Service Stars not showing up in vehicle unlocks - Better Battlelog Forums #1929

Before the update, bblog would show the total service stars for each vehicle type in the vehicle unlocks section and now it only says All Unlocked. If you can fix this it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and love the addon.
You mean in the list on the left where the columns are Vehicle, Kills, Time Used, Unlocks? And you'd like it to replace the "All unlocked" text? If you can find the closest place to either pull vehicle score or the service stars themselves, I can most likely make you a BBlog plugin to put the numbers back in.

Is there a javascript function I can call to pull from bf3stats or a local bf3stats cache?
we know about this bug and will fix it soon...
pls dont fix generall BBLog Features (if they are not working) by plugins, tell us the bug and we will take care about.
Oh sorry, assumed it was a Battlelog issue and not a BBlog issue.
no it wasn't ;-)

but thats a good feedback =D if the BBLog addon looks like it would be a battlelog feature means, that the BBLog feature is very good =D

but its good to see that we have here a good and dedicated plugin scripter =)
Then I should be more direct about it. BBlog, along with BLPlus, is exactly how Battlelog should have been in the first place. I've used both for so long apparently I can't remember what it's like without them, and I've highly recommended them to all my friends.

As far as scripting plugins, guess I'll just stick to the rejected main feature requests like my previous ones.

Oh, and sorry for derailing the thread, now 5/6 of the posts are not relevant :)
Keep up the awesome work!
chuzuki wrote:
Oh, and sorry for derailing the thread, now 5/6 of the posts are not relevant :)

we are not like DICE / EA Mods ;-) aslong we have a cool time together in the topics is the discussion good, maybe we should change to the talk thread but a few off topic is acceptable aslong the atmosphere is good.
Fixed in next update.
Pls fix it too by PS3 and Xbox player.
they have onle a Service Star with an - in the grey box
This isn't a bug. For some user is no data available.
For example people who buyed a shortcut bundle or something like that.
ohhhh yes! true! completely forgotten to check this :-/
Sorry Brain.