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Can you please use the font with accents?


Google Web Fonts:
Don't know what you mean!

BBLog already use the Exo font.
You are using font without euro diacritic, therefore when you're using the czech language on, it substitutes these letters with default font that supports the euro (czech) diacritic.
As shown on the pic...
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I have no idea how i can change it or what exactly the problem is.
For me it seems like it is all correct - I also already use the exo webfont, as suggested.
So, still don't know what i have to do.
well... if i switch to czech language it looks like on the screen from dapil.
maybe your library brain is connected to your local fonts? thatswhy you see it right?
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Maybe, on my smartphone it looks like dapil's screen.
But this happen only for the š char, all other special chars are correct.
So, this looks like a weird webfont bug that i don't can change or fix.
Ah no, the bug still exist for every special char but only is clearly visible for the š.
Hm, i try something but i don't know why this happen.
I used google webfonts already. Maybe some other implentation will fix this.
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It's also like this for ž, ř and ě.
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*not readet all posts and you sayed it already, so i deleted it*
Ok, please try again. Should work now.
Everything is OK now! Thanks