Merry Christmas 2014 and best wishes - Better Battlelog Forums #131715

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Hi BBLog Community!

I wish happy holidays and some good days, with family or friends.
As you maybe have noticed i am a little bit busy so BBLog haven't got noticable updates since a few weeks.
Next big update is expected for BF Hardline release, early 2015, as the current information says.

So, see you next year and stay tuned with us.
Nearly 5 and a half million downloads, that's what i expect from a christmas present :)

Wooohooo! Happy new year!
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Have great holidays guyz, rest up and all the best into the new year :)
Happy Christmas & New Years!

I'll post photos from my vacation when i'm back... hahaha
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!

Also congrats for the 5+ millions of downloads :D
Happy new year :).
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2015 will be (is) a great year ;-)