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with the last update i got some problems with my statisticprofile settings on battlelog.
after sign in , everything is shown correct,but not the game activitiy-it changes to Ps3 player-
here is a screenshot
spielaktivität ps3..JPG

-but i have no ps3 account...!how can i change that to xbox360?

2.on my weaponstats page all stats are shown correct for my xbox360 profile-but if i choose a weapon
of that list and klick it to study the itemstats-the system switch back to a pc profile of bf3,that i have never
here is a screenshot...:
1x klicken auf waffe.JPG

hope, one of you can help me

here is a screenshot of my one and only Bf3 -xbox360- account

startseite ok.JPG
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First of all, my god you've played a lot!

Second, it seems that this is not a Better BattleLog problem. Unfortunately we can't help you with this.
See ->
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Does seems indeed like a battlelog problem. I tested it without BBlog and I do have the same problems on your profile (Xbox tag on weapons and unlocks tab, PC tag and "This soldier doesn╩╣t have any stats... yet." message on iteminfo).

I researched your problem and I guess the battlelog developers messed something up. Maybe in the progress updating battlelog for the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One (just assumption, but it would make sense, I guess?).

One example
Click on JNG forwards you to:

Correct (and working) URL:
Thank you,guys!

The most errors are fixed with the 3.6.1 update...,only the gameactivity window is not confirm with my xbox360
profile , it shows correct my earned ribbons and also of all my friends, but all under the PS3 Sign
3.6.1 bblog update.JPG

but it works for my account fine and that is it ,what count`s..........!
Thank you all for your hard work.-remains on the ball-...see you on Bf4 on < xone > !