platoon stats (v.2) - Better Battlelog Forums #1845

the idea is to display a quick snapshot of the platoon's overall performance. (i.e. how good are these guys?)

add basic platoon stats on the main page

one additional stat (for the main page) platoon W/L average.

there is no need to perform any advanced functions that will bog down the server. which has already been successfully integrated pulls this data into a single form. (leaderboards) each platoon would just have to enter the public URL of their BF3stats leaderboard in the BBLOG preferences or under the "manage platoon" tab. (manage platoon is probably the best as only the platoon leaders / founder can access this page)

(leaderboards would be required to follow a specific predefined format ... i.e. specific stats / order listed in order for this function to work.)

mockup attached below (pardon the mess ... i put this together very quickly) has also no information for whole platoons, as far as i know.
Also i cannot save any platoon settings. All settings stored in BBLog are locally for just the user itself. To save values that see all user's it must be saved on a server.
Sorry it doesn't help when you re-thread the same feature request.
Rejected too and stop posting this idea please. I don't want to include it because of other reasons too (worktime, complex integration, etc...)
completely understand the "time to implement" aspect as work leaves me with very little free time as well ... having said that. before you decide this is too difficult please check out the links below.

you are correct. BF3stats does not track platoon stats. they do however allow you to create a leaderboard that tracks the stats of the members you add. these "lists" can then be made publicly accessible via a system provided URL.

having said that .... this function would require someone from the platoon to create a leaderboard on BF3 stats, manually add the members of their platoon and set it up to track ONLY the predetermined stats you (the developer) have predetermined. once this is done they would simply copy & past the url to this list into BBLOG. your server would then have to perform a simple "average" function for each of the columns.
Oh, i didn't know that feature from bf3stats.
Therefore the problem is that i cannot save additional settings to platoon.
BBLog can only save settings to users personal storage (browser storage), this options will see no other users.

So there only 2 ways to make it working.
1. Every user must enter the url itself to a platoon which is really annoying.
2. I must integrate a server storage to save additional settings to a platoon that can be read from every other user. This requires better server structure than i actually have. This costs more money, i don't want to pay for.

Also it requires a integration step to read out this stats from bf3stats and transform it into the battlelog design.

And at least, the usage of this feature will be less and only helpful for hardcore platoon stat freaks. This people could also go manually to bf3stats leaderboard.
what i am driving at ultimately is that there are no platoon leaderboards. stats for the most part are all focused at the individual level which makes ZERO sense ...

BF is a team game ... winning has less to do with how well you play as an individual but how well your platoon plays together as a team. for that reason ... i think almost anyone would welcome a feature that would give them an idea as to how their platoon stacks up in comparison to the other 800,000 BF3 platoons.

check this out. it looks like someone has done a bunch of the legwork / hosted the data already. from what i can tell they are the only site that tracks platoons. (thank you google)