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I guess that will be a game that i will play a long time.
Map Editor (Oh my god, it's unique since many years), fantastic graphics, sandboxed, maybe good multiplayer - All that things i want from a game.

Anyone else will play this?
Will be getting it for sure, I loved the map editor in FC2. I just made maps for fun, didn't even publish them. Was pretty good maps though.
So, I got it and it's really fun so far :)

Though you require Uplay installed to launch the game (on PC retail copies, not on Steam copies), it's not really a big deal, at least it's better than Origin, it has more useful stuff.
Feel free to add me on Uplay, my name is CocaRola. Just one of my many online personas :)
Well, finished the Singleplayer.
Very cool, good story, good gameplay.
Very sexy ending when you choose the "bad" side :-)
I haven't even been on half of the map yet. I've been doing all side missions and that kind of stuff, also having some fun trying to craft all stuff.

Do you know how to get the required stuff to craft the extended stuff? It says the required stuff to craft them can be found on a side mission, the animal hunting things. I've yet to understand how and when to find them.
Nope, i don't have found any of the special requirements for the latest crafts.
But i don't have done many side missions atm.
I don't even have money to buy this :(.
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It's flippin' brilliant...

Open world, awesome story. I feel like they took some components from Assassins Creed - the radio towers for instance, but i like it.
The only thing I'am missing is playing the full story with a friend in coop, that would be even more amazing. I know there is some kind of COOP but I've been told it's very linear.

The AI is a bit unfinished, enemy knows where you are even if they haven't had a chance to spot you and instead of scaning the perimiter, they are going for you directly. I really like the pirate camp diversity, each is somehow different, you can set animals free to murder the entire camp for you (I let a bear free from it's cage and it just obliterated the entire camp :D), the alarms are pain you have to take care of, brilliant.

All in all, I love it and the driving model from FC2 is the highlight of the game (next to the naked Citra :D)

This game came couple of days after Assassins Creed 3 and even tho I'am a big fan of AC series, I like FC3 more.

I am somewhere half way through (I am doing all the missions, side missions, camps, towers and hunting missions) and still having fun.

One bug, dunno if you have it too - I've got a levitating bow stuck somehow to my body, every time I look down on the ground, it's there and I cant get rid of it :D
Finished it and holy shit, game of the year for me.
juress wrote:
Finished it and holy shit, game of the year for me.

Yeah, the single player is the best part of it, the bad end is ... well... lol.
wasakakero wrote:
juress wrote:
Finished it and holy shit, game of the year for me.

Yeah, the single player is the best part of it, the bad end is ... well... lol.

The "good" end is the typical theatrical happy end.
The "bad" is that what i expected, except the thingy with the knife :-)

Well, one of the best SP i played in the last years.
I don't really see Far Cry as a multiplayer game, never played it in FC2. If you've tried multiplayer in FC3, can you tell me if it's worth while?