BB log Cloud cleaning - Better Battlelog Forums #1964

hy dudes how can i Clean permantly my bb-clod save
i de-install and re-install and it dont clean it ..
help me Dudes THx
You cannot delete cloud settings. The last 5 saved entries always available in your cloud. This is good because you always have a backup of old saved settings for bblog.
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and wenn the cloud save is broken ???

need a button in next update 2.2.2 for cloud reset
Why should cloud save be broken?
A button to reset is not planned.
i think he want to install BBLog completely new on the Computer.
so for this he don't want to see the cloud saves anymore in BBLog.

he want to know how he can delete the saved connection to the cloud.
Well, no plan to add this.
Cloud is designed to do exactly that. Save settings.
Just ignore old settings, they wouldn't be loaded automatically.
Plan this pls a reset button , for my CLOUD´s ;)
like brain said:
brain wrote:
no plan to add this.

if you dont want to load your cloud, just dont do it, they will be overwritten if there is something broken and you save your new settings.