User Friendly Theme Maker - Better Battlelog Forums #1905

Basically what I mean is an interface where you select what kinda things you want. Like it shows a current screen shot of what you're modifying to look like. An Like say you select the carbon-fiber server browser option and the gold text option from a drop-down tab menu. This would be very popular and good as it would allow you to design your own themes without the need for knowing code language (i don't) and would be user friendly and would add a new level of optimization and customization to the add-on.
Like a web tool that lets you choose colors from a palette and lets you choose what options like link color and menu window colors. Then, when you are ready, you can export what you have as a script. Or do you mean in the actual battlelog website.
No problem, give someone half a year and they will do it :)
Nobody will make something like this. Rejected.