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Hi Better Battlelog,

Hope you folks had a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

For those players with multiple profiles on one account and on one platform can Better Battlelog offer users to re-order player soldiers on their main account page?
If so can the knock-on effect include when selecting stats for that soldier it displays the correct asscoiated stats?

Take my friend Hero10 -

Hero10(360) is hoping to view his Xbox profile first, amongst his two sons' profiles.

1) If I click on the soldier profile link it lets us view the three profiles in the following order:
SpykerMatt(360), Hero10(360), Hero10(PS3).

Can BetterBattlelog offer players to alter this profile order?
For Len (Hero10) the revised order would be: Hero10(360), SpykerMatt(360), Hero10(PS3).

2) If Len clicks on the stat icon from DICE's native Battlelog it jumps to and shows SpkyerMatt's stats, and he has to jump more barriers to view his own as the default.

For comparison, my profile -

In my case it is slightly different, as my soldier profiles are unique to each platform, and so the drop down menu provided by DICE (found at the very top of the Battlelog header) is enough for the need. However the menu does not provide support for those players where they have multiple profiles on one platform.

Better Battlelog is this something that could be added in the future?

Many thanks for reading

Should be possible to do, but if it's worthy of being integrated into BBLog itself, thats up to Brain.

If not, you can ask for a plugin :)
Well, possible, i think so. But it's not a real thingy for BBLog and also a lot of work for BBLog.
DICE could do that much quicker and easier and you should post this to DICE.
Thanks Brain and Juress.

I will cross-post this onto DICE's forums.

CC: Juress: Should there be no action from DICE how do I go about requesting a plugin?

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Just post your request here:
The Plugin developers will look at it and hopefully for you they'll make it. :-)