Not all BBLog users can see custom platoon emblems - Better Battlelog Forums #78026

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I don't know if this was intended, but it's not enough to use BBLog to be able to see others custom platoon emblems, you also have to make sure to have checked the box "Platoon Image Upload", shouldn't this box only be for people that intend to upload their own image? It seems a bit overkill that that box has to be checked just to be able to view others platoon images

Thanks to a great service otherwise!
It can be solved by a pop-up when user will open first platoon page with custom image and told him if he want to see the images, he must change the setting or click OK, which will change the setting automatically.
Read the changelog

28.11.2012 - version 3.1.1 - custom platoon image upload/display is now disabled by default, to reduce the server load, could be re-enabled in the options
I think he wants to say, that many users doesn't know that the setting is there, because they don't read the change log.
and thats not our problem...
if somebody doesn't read the ToS or a contract which he will sign than its his problem.
just one example from the real life and everybody knows that.. ^^