Region (Set Region) does not save! - Better Battlelog Forums #1753

As the subject said, in the server browser, everytime I click "Refresh and Save Setting" the set region area always reset to default for no reason, and I have also test it by disable BBLog and the feature is working fine. I notice the problem rising only after BBLog update to the 1.9 version.

BBLog version: 1.9
Google Chrome 20 BETA

On side note, although my Chrome is a beta version but I never had any problem with BBLog before, plus since the vanilla version is working fine so it mean it is BBLog's fault. Thanks.
Thanks for reporting this bug. It was most likely caused by the new Battlelog update that broke BBLog.
Sometimes same Problem with BBlog, but generally it works.
We will check out this report and made some tests. Thx for reporting =)
I don't think that is produced by BBLog.
BBLog doesn't touch server filter things in any way.
I tried to reproduce - This error happens right but for me also with disabled BBLog.