serverrefresh button gets overlayed - Better Battlelog Forums #1983


just saw this "bug":
when i minimize the filtersettings, the "My Filtersets" button overlays the refresh button!

i rarely close the list,so it doesnt really matter.... but still, it is a bug!
[firefox & bblog are on the latest version]

keep up the great work!

This bug is already reported. There was a fix, apparently it doesn't work anymore.

Original thread:

Still, no duplicate.
in chrome is everything working, thing is just a BBlog (firefox version) problem.
or something is with the CSS wrong, chrome correct the mistake but firefox not.
For me it still works perfectly fine.
This bug is old.
Are you sure that you have all up2date (BBLog 2.3+) and newest browser?
bblog 2.3.0
Firefox 15.0
minilog 1.3.9 (but switching to other themes doesnt help)

normally i use Opera for everything, only installed firefox for Battlelog!... does firefox need something "special" to run normally?! never used it really...
Fnordisch wrote:
minilog 1.3.9 (but switching to other themes doesnt help)

Ahh that is the point.
Deactivate custom themes (use original theme) and you will see it works.
I link this in the corresponding theme thread for minilog.
I'll fix the issue with my theme in a day or two max. Thanks for reporting.