No "upload platoon image" button - Better Battlelog Forums #1996

hi everybody,
like the title of this thread says, there is no button on the edit platoon emblem page, to upload a picture. the option for this to work is activated, but still no success. what can i do to get it work, because i only installed bblog for this reason, or do i need other special mozilla ff add-on's? my current ff version is 15.0, bblog v is 2.3, battlelog itself is v1.4-246 (the newest one). i do not want to try it with chrome, cause thats no option for me - it says it should works with ff, so i wont change browser. thanks a lot

Yep, this is a bug since todays battlelog update.
A fix comes tomorrow.
thanks god, i thought smbdy just would say make this n that and the problem would still be there, but if it's fixed tomorrow and everybody has this prob i'm relaxed and looking forward to tommorrow. thanks a lot