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Hi @ll!

Because of new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU, all websites have to deal with new rules. does have several data saved for user accounts (email, secure hashed passwords, and all data what the user have entered in profile) and additionally some tracking data for statistics.

Some of that data is, somewhat, "sensible". To follow all the rules of GDPR, it would take a lot of time to change the system and inform users everytime if anything changes related to their data. I had some problems with idiots, copyright and stuff like that before, as probably every "bigger" website does have. On the other hand, is in a "wait for death" state currently, no active development happens anymore. So, i decided to "shutdown" the service.

What will be deleted/changed?

- In one word: ALMOSTEVERYTHING :)
- All data assigned to an user account will be deleted, except the "username".
- Password hashes and emails will be deleted
- Any social media connection/reference will be removed
- Profile images, banners, signatures will be deleted
- Private messages will be deleted
- Plugins/Themes will be deleted
- Login and registration will be shut down
- Forum posts and threads will not be deleted
- Forum posts and threads are all read-only, as logins are shut down anyway
- Google adsense/analytics will be removed
- All extension APIs will be disabled. No reports, no themes, no plugins anymore
- Extension itself will kept online in the chrome store

What "personal" data do still collect?

- Anonymized website statistics with Matomo, with anonymized IP, Do not track setting of your browser will be respected

What to do if you have questions regarding your personal data?
Contact me at

What if you are in nostalgia mode and want to know what was good before?*/
- For example our very first page setup :) ->

When this all will be done?
Before 25. May 2018.

Effectively, this all means, has reached the point of no return and become a site to take a look in the past, what all have been done by great people and great community.

Thank you for your attention.