Hits to Kills Ratio - Better Battlelog Forums #1818

This video shows an interesting potential way to find people who could be using damage modifier hacks on specific weapons to improve their game play. Please check it out and see if this ratio could be added to players profile stats through your plugin.


Thanks for the great plugin.
Thats why BF3stats is integrated. No need to add it into BBlog.
I don't think this kind of feature is something for BBLog, maybe a plugin if someone feels up to the task but other than that I think this kind of feature is up to DICE.

Seems like DICE is aware of it if you read the video description.
you allready have that, you have kills and you have fired to hits ratio

The fired to hits ratio is "accuracy" but this is what I would call the kills to hits ratio "efficacy." (how effective or potent are your hits).

For example, if you have a specific weapon with 10,000 shots fired, 1000 hits, and 800 kills then
- the accuracy is 1000/10,000 = 10% (you hit 1 time out of every 10 shots)
- the efficacy is 800/1000 = 80% (you kill a person 8 out of every 10 times you hit them)

I would call 80% efficacy very suspicious. I think most people, as shown in the video, will be below 50% efficacy.
Rejected because it makes simple no sense, bf3stats.com have much more exact information about a player. And bf3stats is already integrated in bblog.