More detailed information on player stats pages - amount of collected ribbons / medals - Better Battlelog Forums #1437

The more information and stats you can provide on user stats pages, the better. Stats are always interesting.

One thing that comes to my mind in the achievement and awards part of the overview, is that it would show the amount of collected ribbons (x/45) and medals (x/50).

Now there is a place for latest awards, showing last 3 awards, which seems kind of pointless to me. Would rather see the awards / medals progression.

What do you think?
First point, numbers of ribbons/medals is already done. There is already a count for total ribbons to medal, total ribbons, ribbons left for new medal on this page.

And the "showing last 3 awards" i dont know what you mean.
Yeah, you can see the detailed awards information and the awards / ribbons progress on the awards page. I think it would be good idea to show the awards progress (collected ribbons x/45 and medals x/50) in the player stats overview page also.. I mean the "main page" of the player stats, showing the overview of all the stats.

Right now there is "latest awards" slot, which feels a bit pointless.. would rather see overall awards progression as a replacement.

Hope you understood what I mean.
Yes, now i undestand. I think its a bit too much work for a point that you can get with only 1 more click.
All what you want already exist, but in another pleace. For me its much work of many hours and you only must clicks once which uses 1 second :-)
So, i reject this but thanks for the request.