Hello to everyone :) - Better Battlelog Forums #147749

So, since some hours I'm a official plugin developer. So I thought I should introduce myself (ok, I also got that task, sooo... ^^)
Anyway, my name is Kai. 20 years old and from germany.
In my freetime I develop things which will help me to get more skilled in developing in general.

My main programming language is C# and actually I never wanted to do something for webdeveloping (JS, HTML, PHP, etc.) But since some friends and me opened a little clan I had to learn/play with it :D

I'm a really nice person, so if you have any ideas for a new plugin or for an existing one make a post or write me a PM and I will look what I can do for you :)

If I forgot anything, tell me and I will add it :)

We see us on the battlefield ;) or atleast here :P

Good afternoon guys.
Welcome to our team.
Hi and welcome! :-)