Assignment that are uncompleted only show after a round. - Better Battlelog Forums #1942

The idea of showing the assignments tabs after a round are a good idea dont get me wrong.
Yet for people who are focussing on the ones they havent completed they have to go through all the assignments completed or not.
Would it not be more efficient if only the uncompleted assignments show in game after a round?
I have mentioned this to my fellow players on TS and they also think this is a good idea because like me once you complete an assignment in game you no longer need to see it.
I think you mean the after round in-game assignments showing - for that you have to write DICE, we're only making the Battlelog better.
YOU SEE only the Assignments, on wich you have worked during the round. and then you get at the end the "message" that its completed.

i think thats exactly how it should be. and: Juress already said everything.