Server Black List - Better Battlelog Forums #1374

Gleich wie Spieler ignorieren, nur halt für Server dass diese nicht mehr aufgelistet werden.
Gute idee. Werde ich auf meine Liste nehmen.
Wurde mit dem heutigen Update integriert.
Love your addon man. Are you saying you added the option to blacklist servers and if you did where is it? :D
Keep up the good work.
The new option "local serverradar" is integrated since version 0.93.
Just update your addon and you will see the new option in the bblog center.
Oh now i get it but maybe in the future add an icon for the blacklisted ones directly in the server list when browsing for servers. Add that red circle next to the ping for example if it's possible because right now you only see the notification if you click on the server name for the detailed view.
Yes this is possible and a good idea.
I add this to my todo list.
Keep noticed for future updates, it will be in the next update.
Great! Thanks for the fast reply.