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Name your Favourite class , Reason why?. See if we can get some good ideas and tips going on here.
My favourite is the Support class.
Main reason why I like it is that I don't have to fear running out of ammo :)
Other reasons are help others to have a steady supply of ammo and they have the M27 IAR, it's a pretty neat gun.
I dont have a favourite class, just play them all :)
Look at my Stats:


i'm just a ALLROUNDER xD
Mainly the Assault class (I love the assault rifles) but also Engineer if I plan to play with vehicles.
I play with all classes, if team need.

But i love Enginner Class and Scar-H.

I really enjoy Recon. Thing is, I don't believe that even with really putting on the works that I make half the difference as I would as Engineer or Assault, but I have a hell of a good time sneaking into enemy territory and getting my boys in. I'm more aggressive btw, so I use PDW's with my Recon. Any thoughts?
My favorite classe : support

Why :
- I love heavy machine gun
- and their accesories : I love sounds "Clic..Kaboooommm" :)
Actually the same as m3a3s3h said, I like the recon class. Not like humping the ground all the time, but moving around, with a sniper and a crossbow. Man I love that bow, the HE bolt is extremely powerful on vehicles, the scan bolt is useful to support the team and the other two bolts are osok. :-)
well.. maybe you dont know it but i'm a SPECIAL FORCE player!

- Assault Service Star: few points before 7
- Engineer Service Star: few points before 7
- Support Service Star: few points before 7
- Recon Service Star: few points before 7

And thats how i play Battlefield. i'm an Allrounder! playing all classes! always on the same level!
Other special point: i want to play all of the weapons till i have finished with all unlocks & gadgets.
im changing always weapons. have my favourite onces but im trying to change them often.

the only point what i CANT do is flying! i HATE flying jets in Battlefield, chopper are good but jets, no chance.

im generally a more offensive player. my absolutely favoured loadouts are:
- Assault: Standard, different guns, prefer the M416 or SCAR, defi, medikit
- Engineer: Standard, different guns, prefer the SG553, SCAR, M4A1, ACW-R, than SMAW/RPG or Javelin, Repair tool or EOD Bot, mostly EOD Bot because playing a lot Rush
- Support: Offensive playing with M27 IAR because its mostly a assault weapon (like M416) ammoboxes and C4 or Xbow (i really like the Xbow) if im playing this play this class in a "deffending style" i prefer a LMG and Claymores or C4
- Recon: offensive playing with M417, played like a M416, spawn beacon and Xbow-Scoped (is like a secound sniper rifle) if im playing this class with an "deffending style" i prefer a long range sniper rifle and T-UGS or MAV

well... thats my style how i play battlefield and which class i prefer :-P
Who doesen't hate the OP jets? Just jet whores...
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ORFK wrote:
the only point what i CANT do is flying! i HATE
jets in Battlefield, chopper are good but jets, no chance.

Booping jets ftw!
i dont hate jets, i just cant fly, or flying, or whatever ^^ would BF have the simulation technic from LockON or form Flight Simulator i would be the best jet pilot in the world =D
If DICE were to implement a freaking GRAVITY to jets, half of those bastards wouldn't be able to get a kill...
100% TRUE!